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You will not be seeing me in your inbox tomorrow.

You will be bombarded by sales emails and thus I stand a good chance of being lost in the onslaught.

The larger reason is that I hope you’re too busy enjoying Thanksgiving to have your nose stuck in your inbox.

So today I say thanks for nothing.

Thanks for nothing and in the same sentence thanks for everything.

Do we really need a reason to be thankful?

I am not so sure we do and it has been proven with study after study that a grateful attitude improves quality of life.

We can be thankful for anything we choose to be thankful for and thus can be thankful for nothing.

There is in fact nothing I am not thankful for.  For if things aren’t like they are, and they weren’t like they were, and they won’t be like they will be then I would not be me and you would not be you.

Thus, I am thankful for nothing, in particular, and thankful for everything just the way it is and just the way it is not.

Public Service Announcement: No matter how well you get along with the people you will be spending time with and no matter how stressful or inconvenienced you may be tomorrow do your best to relax, enjoy, and banish complaining from your being.  Time goes fast.  You get but one Thanksgiving per year and the older we get the fewer we have left.  Enjoy them, breathe them in, revel in them for everything they are and everything they are not.

Brett “Happy Thanksgiving” Denton