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I am sure you have seen a suped-up aggressive-looking jeep or truck at some point in your life.  I am talking about the functional vehicles, not the ones made to just look that way.  You know, roll cage, snorkel, roof rack, large tires, and MUDDY.  These vehicles ooze adventure and toughness.  They evoke feelings of intimidation, fun, excitement, and thrill.

You would think these vehicles could get through just about anything.  Yet, the places some of the drivers of these vehicles take them are littered with traps.  Mud, snow, ice, water can wreak havoc.  This is why people who drive these types of vehicles make sure to have a winch or at least traction boards as accessories.

As gnarly, tough, and aggressive as these vehicles and their drivers are there is always a chance that they get into something they can’t get out of.  The winch is used with the assistance of something outside of the system be it a strong tree or heavy rock.  The winch and the driver still have to do the work, but without the helping hand from the outside, they would get nowhere. 

What is your winch?  Who or what do you anchor it to when you need a lift?  

Take good care of your winch and anchor as you never know when you may need them.  They just may save your life IF they are in good working order when you need them most.  Let them rust and suffer the consequences or worse yet be on life’s adventure without them.