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In the Netflix series Stranger Things there’s an alternate dimension called the Upside Down that is trying to invade the world.

The upside down is an insidious superorganism of death and destruction.

I think we all face our own Upside Down, don’t we?

There is an infinite number of alternate dimensions or alternate versions of us that we influence and live out by our choices.

Should you work out today or watch Stranger Things?

Do you eat fast food or go home and cook a healthy meal?

Do you save your bonus this month or buy a new toy?

Daily we make choices that allow our personal Upside Down to either encroach or remain at bay.

Make no mistake about it your Upside Down is waiting for an opportunity to invade.

Every second of every day it’s there waiting.

As you choose your path today keep in mind that your Upside Down is chomping at the bit to invade.

Brett “Right Side Up” Denton