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We have a standing clean indoor shoe policy at Kvell because…

… nobody wants to roll around in the dirt, mud, goatheads and whatever else may be tracked in from the great outdoors.

We mop relentlessly and purchased a fleet of Roomba’s to help keep our floor clean.

Regardless of the policy, daily people come in with dirty outdoor shoes.  

Not surprising as humans are not good at following directions as a whole and most of us think the rules don’t totally apply to us, me included (but that’s for another email).

Where things get interesting and where the lesson lies is in what happens once our just cleaned floor is soiled by muck and mire. 

Me: “Looks like your shoes are a little dirty today.” (as I point to the sand and dirt mess that they are sitting directly in the center of. 
Kvellian: “I don’t think that’s me.”

Me: “Okay.” (fully knowing that I just mopped and vacuumed, the floor was shining black before this person came in.) 

Kvellian: Feeling a little like they’re back in kindergarten getting in trouble and trying to remember where they have been with their shoes looks at their shoes to find…DIRT!

Sometimes people will then fess up and do everything they can to help clean up the mess and yet other times people will stick with their guns and act like it’s not them.  

Humans…we’re funny creatures.    

We often do not realize that we’re sitting in a self-made pile of “dirt.”

It’s easy to blame others for our circumstances and the messes we find ourselves in.  

It’s easy to say it’s not our fault, we just happen to be sitting directly in the middle of the mess.

It’s easy to be offended and irritated when people point out things that we could be doing a better job at.  


What if instead, you took responsibility for the piles of “dirt” in your life?

What if instead, you start following the “rules” and “directions” of life?

And what if when you mess up you fess up and fix the issue?

Some light thoughts to start your Friday with 😉 

Brett “Cleaning Up My Dirt” Denton