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Every action, every step, every misstep, everything you do is being watched and judged every second of every day.  This is more prominent when you are a politician or celebrity, yet it is true for us all.  How do you act when you think nobody is watching?

If you have children they are tuning in to your every move, emotion, and intonation.  They may look and act as though they are not paying attention, but they are.  They are learning from you how to make it in the world.  

You may be thinking, but Brett, what about when nobody is around?  If you weren’t thinking that, now you are 😉  The trouble is that wherever you are YOU are.  Thus, you are always watching, judging, and learning.  You are teaching yourself who you are and how to act.  If you give up on yourself to many times you, you will soon see yourself as a person who never finishes anything, the opposite is also true.  

Somebody is always watching.  What if you took this on, accepted it as fact, and performed in a manner congruent with a person being watched, critiqued, and judged?  Don’t you think you would do the right thing more of the time?  Wouldn’t you perform at a higher level?  How do you think this would improve your quality of life and the amount you are able to achieve?

In my experience, the answer to the last question is that you will experience an exponential increase in both quality of life and the amount you achieve.