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I overheard a group of retired baby boomers talking about pedicures.

They discussed where they go and why they like them.

One of them goes to a place that doesn’t use the foot tubs because apparently they aren’t very sanitary.

Another goes to a place that uses specialty essential oil-infused massage lotion.

It was an interesting conversation, but the part that stood out the most was when one of them said…

“Someday I imagine myself going every week.”

There are only so many somedays left and none of them are guaranteed.

I’m all for vision boards and planning for the future, but instead of using weak language and “someday” mentality why not use strong language and “today” mentality?

Something like, “I’m working towards getting a pedicure every week.”

I have “someday” ideas too, but instead of hoping, thinking, or imagining I am working, doing, and starting.

Also, make a choice on whether or not you really want that “someday” thing because if you don’t really want it then stop wasting energy on it by deleting it from your mind.  Another option is if you want that thing, but not right now, write it down on a someday list and revisit the list once per year.

Once you have cleaned out your brain of all the somedays you can get to work on today.

Brett “Do You Have the Somedays” Denton