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Christmas is over and you have six days (opportunities) to kick-start your momentum into the ROARING ’20s!

Instead of getting stuck in the fog of the Holiday hangover and waiting for the 2nd of January, which for most turns into mid-January/early February, hit the ground running.

Listen, I get it.  During the holiday season, it is a challenge to get things done.  Don’t confuse challenge with impossible or use a challenge as an excuse to not do or not attempt.

Every day counts and if you focus on doing something, even if small, every day you will gain momentum and move closer to your goals.

Six days.  What can you get done, or make progress on, in the next six days?

What is one thing you can do each of the next six days to build momentum for the New Year?

– 20 Push-Ups
– 1 Mile Run
– Pay Down $50 in Debt
– Wake up 5 Minutes Earlier

Brett “Get to It” Denton