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Winning the lottery, being uprooted by a natural disaster, and terrorist attacks are rare occurrences that result in an immediate and drastic change.  Most change in life is less drastic and far more insidious.  

People don’t go to bed one day 150 lbs and wake up the next 250 lbs.  Weight gain happens a few pounds a year, year over year.  The same goes for our relationships, our wealth, etc.  

I recently started coaching a strength training program at Kvell in the morning at 5:00 am, 6:00 am, and 7:00 am resulting in an upheaval of my well-rooted habits (one of them writing this essay every morning).  This is life.  It would be easier if nothing ever changed, but that is not real and thus we need to learn how to be flexible and resilient. 

If I let my schedule take control of me instead of me taking control of it I would be in a world of hurt.  Not immediately but months and years down the road.  When change strikes you must figure out how to continue your good habits and use it as an opportunity to discard the bad habits.  

Nothing is ever just right.  It takes work, grit, and persistence to make things happen.  Relish in this because this is the reason that you will be able to win where others will not.  Relish in the fact that the more difficult a thing is the less likely anybody else will do it and more often than not the greater the payoff in the long run.