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You were born…YAY!

You grew up…SOLID.

Now you’re here, reading this email, and living out your stories.

The stories we tell ourselves and others make up who we are.

Growing up…

…as a young impressionable human, you may have heard a parent say “they’re shy” and took it as fact by making it part of your identity.

“I am shy.”

Then you were put on a sports team that had been playing together for years and everybody seemed to be destined for professional sports.

The coach treated you as a second rate citizen and before you had a fraction of the time as the other kids to develop into a star player you decided your identity did not include athlete.

“I am not an athlete.”

What stories are you telling yourself and others about your identity?

Although these stories are the truth for you RIGHT NOW they are not fact.

You can change your truth.

You can re-write your stories.

What happened is what happened, but what you tell yourself about what happened and how you react to it and grow from it is 100% under your control.

Brett “Re-Writing My Stories” Denton