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Everyday conversations, dialogue, and thought processes are plagued with inaccuracies, assumptions, and nonsense.

All you have to do is watch the news to grasp this. 

We get into a state of trusting inaccuracies and outright lies because we have heard them so many times.  

If you hear something enough or tell yourself something enough times, you will start to believe it.  

This works on a massive scale with the prevalence of media and talking heads.  


Who you are listening to…

What you are repeatedly saying to yourself…

And the frequency in which you are taking in the same message. 

Further, once we believe something, then we have a cognitive bias called confirmation bias that compounds the issue.

With confirmation bias, you interpret information favoring your existing beliefs…

Which probably aren’t even really YOUR beliefs…

They are more likely what you have heard over and over and over again, and thus you have adopted them as your beliefs or more likely they have been programmed into you.  

In weight loss, health, and fitness, people who believe in a certain way of eating (plant-based, omnivore, paleo, keto) listen to only the sound bites, studies, and “experts” that prove their point of view while almost wholly ignoring anything counter to their beliefs.  (this is why I study ALL forms of training and nutrition)

Do you see how asinine this is and how harmful it can be for their health, fitness, and weight loss efforts?  (By the way, this pretty well sums up politics, religion, race wars, etc.)

There is rarely, if ever, a one-size-fits-all approach for anything. (even the hats that claim “one-size-fits-all” don’t fit everybody’s brain bucket)

There’s usually more to the story with confounding variables.

Don’t get stuck in one way of thinking.  Don’t be fooled by the repetition of people who have an agenda for you.  

Look for ideas and people who are radically different.  Listen to them, get in their shoes, and see the world from their place in it.

Be wary of dogma, repetition, and other people’s agendas.

Be a radical thinker by understanding all sides and coming to your OWN conclusions.