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The older I get the more immature I was and less I knew. 

Many high school’s held Prom this past weekend.

Seeing children dressing and acting like adults reminds me of my high school years.  

I was an old soul and still was just a wee baby.  

I’ve been wrong, or at least not totally correct, my entire life until now.  (don’t tell my high school self that, he wouldn’t listen)

Now, of course, I know everything and all of my answers are correct. Bahaha!

We run around thinking we know everything when in reality very few of us KNOW anything.

We act as if we have it all figured out to hide the fact that we’re completely and utterly lost…maybe that’s just me. 

The nostalgia of simpler and yet somehow more complicated days got me thinking about what I “know” now that I didn’t know then. 

1.  Everybody is scared just like you (I am petrified of walking through a gaggle of teenagers).  Lending a helping hand, a smile, and kind words will reduce fear and anxiety for both parties.  Prom, for example, is an experiment in social awkwardness, maturity, and social skills.  

2.  What you know to be true now may or may not be true in 50 years, 5 years, or even 5 minutes.  Be critical of what you adamantly adhere to as truth and fact.  

3.  Piggybacking on number 2, choose your battles wisely and burn as few bridges as possible (preferably none).  You never know when you may need to join or help from the other side.  You don’t want to be stuck on the “losing” side because of a choice you made in the past when you were less wise.

4.  Wisdom only comes from experience.  We must let people experience for themselves to gain that wisdom.  We can guide and keep safe, but ultimately they must experience and do it their way to gain the wisdom we can plainly see they need.  

I feel pretty good about these 4, but I may change my mind at some point.  

Brett “Wise(r)” Denton