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Where do you spend and focus the majority of your time and resources?

Spending your focus and resources on PROGRESS:

  • You will make progress
  • You will get discouraged when progress is not made
  • You are more likely to burn out
  • You will not likely enjoy the process because you are too focused on the end result

Spending your focus and resources on PLEASURE:

  • You will have a lot of fun, now
  • You will likely pay for that fun later
  • You will make little to no progress
  • You will experience short-term happiness and miss out on long-term fulfillment

Spending your focus and resources on PROCESS:

  • You will fall in love with the process that leads to long-term progress without focusing on progress or the result
  • You will experience flow
  • You will not become discouraged because you are in control of the things you can control and that will be enough for you
  • You will become a master
  • You will experience deep satisfying long-term fulfillment and may miss out on some short-term fun and happiness
Before you spend your time, money, and energy ask yourself if what you’re about to spend it on is progress, pleasure, or process and if that is in fact where you want to be spending it.

Brett “Process Expenses” Denton