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Your body adapts and responds to stimulus.  

Caucasians have long narrow noses compared to Africans due to the climate (stimulus) they lived over the centuries.  Long narrow noses for warming cold air and wider shorter noses for warm air.  

The more UV rays a population is exposed to the darker their skin will be and the longer it will maintain the darker tone.  

In football, a common description used for players on teams with a heavy agriculture community was “big, strong, farmboys.”

The kids that worked on farms and ranches were big and strong due to the stimulus given to their bodies on a daily basis over the years leading up to high school.

People often look at me and say, “staying fit is easy for you.”

I would not argue relatively speaking as staying fit is easier for me because I have never not exercised to some extent since the age of 4.  

Thus, my body has been stimulated to remain in some form of fitness for 31 years and I would argue since the day I was born.

I am perpetually fit.  

This allows me to do things other people cannot do like…

After time off I get “back” in shape rapidly.

I can keep up in most athletic endeavors from the start. 

I have a strong foundation of strength and mobility.  

Not because I’m special, but because I have put in 35 years of work.

Health and fitness is a long game…the longest game I know right after the game of life.  

The more often and the longer you stimulate your body the more it adapts and entrenches itself to handle the stimulus.

When you eat calorie dense foods and move very little your body will get really good at storing fat and preparing for the coming famine.  

When you repetitively force your muscle to exert max force it will get stronger so you can survive the next strenuous fight for your life.  

Old man(and woman) strength is only developed through sustained effort over a long period of time.

A chiseled lean athletic physique is only earned with continuous exercise and proper nutrition over an extended period of time.  

It’s never too late to provide a new stimulus for your body to adapt to.  

Regardless of when you start…

…NEVER stop!

Brett “Old Man Strong” Denton