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Are you “over” the COVID-thing and want to get back to “life?”

If you have found yourself saying something along these lines (I know I have), then you might due well with a big reality slap upside your noggin’.  

Life is continually evolving and changing…

No matter the driver of evolution and change…

We MUST get good at learning and adapting (this is after all how we have become the dominant species on Earth, but maybe we have forgotten this little bit of trivia)…

Maybe we have become too comfortable and complacent that we no longer realize that learning, adapting, and change ARE THE NORM, not the exception.

COVID will drastically reshape many people’s lives and the way that we live and…

The thing is you don’t have to like it or dislike it…

It is what is happening.

You can’t stop it.  

The Stockdale Paradox comes in handy in situations like this.

The main gist of the idea is that you need to balance realism with optimism.”

Instead of wasting time, energy, and resources complaining about a thing, spend that finite time, energy, and resources…

– Seeking solutions
– Learning and growing
– Looking for new opportunities
– Growing stronger through adversity
– Go to work on the things YOU can control

Practice the No Complaining Rule

I hope the reality slap didn’t sting too much…

More importantly, I hope it woke you up to the reality and OPPORTUNITY that is in front of you.