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Are you finding a new normal yet?  Are you being purposeful in creating this new normal?  When the rug of life gets pulled out from under us it takes a bit to find our balance, catch our breath and get back to a solid stance.  

The better you are at managing where you spend your time and the better you stick to your habits and routines the less stressful situations will feel.  

How can you normalize your life?  If you went to work at 8:00 am before then why not “go” to work at 8:00 am now?  What things in your life can you continue to do as closely as possible to what you did before COVID-19, albeit a variation of?  

Work to bring structure to your activities and day.  Within structure, we feel safe.  When we feel safe we are less stressed, more productive, more creative, and happier.  

Find a new normal based on the good things from your old normal and improve upon it.  Create structure to provide safety.  Be purposeful and don’t let the chaos of the world, other people, or your own reactions take over and get the best of you.  You are in control of you and your actions.  

Grab the reigns.