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Now that you have “NAILED IT” it is time to “SCALE IT” so you can Sail It.

How to Scale It.

Create systems that allow you to automatically and with less effort carry out the tasks you nailed in phase one.  Systems, routines, and processes are the main focus of the Scale It phase.  Using the boat building example to scale from boat plans and individual skills you need to build a full-size boat.  Taking scaling to the next level for effect let’s say we wanted to build a fleet of boats.  To build a fleet of boats we must systematize first how to build one boat and then many so that multiple people and machines can do the job at scale. 

Let’s look at a few other examples.

The best way to grow your wealth is to put a system in place that ensures you save more than you earn.  This system would automatically redirect funds when your paycheck hits your bank account into savings accounts, bill pay, and spending accounts.  

In business to scale you need systems in place not only so that you can be more effective and efficient yourself but also so employees of the business can be effective and efficient.  Systems allow the business to produce the same quality products over and over again no matter who is doing it.  This allows for scale.  

Tweaking and Adjusting
There is a difference between you focusing like a laser on something like in the Nail It phase and relying heavily on a system or other people to do it for you. Thus, you will likely run into a few snags as you scale.  Mentally prepare for this while you continue to fine-tune and tweaking the system until it is seamless, elegant, and getting the job done.   

The Scaling It phase is critical if you want to free up resources to be able to do more with what you have.  It is also imperative before moving on to the Sail It phase.