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MEMENTO: Anything as a reminder or warning.

1. Andy Reid was the winningest coach in the NFL to have never won a world championship. On his 21st year in the NFL (31st year coaching football) and his 222 NFL win he finally got the coveted national championship trophy. Not everybody, even those that are at the top of their game, wins the top awards. For those that do it often takes years of toil, tears, and turmoil.

2. Shakira did what is called an ululation during the Pepsi Halftime show and sparked a memefest. Come to find out most people (including myself) didn’t know that this was a sign of jubilation in some cultures. Ignorance is at the root of many misappropriated comments, passions, and violence.

3. Not everything is for everybody. If you don’t like water and don’t want to swim then don’t go to a swimming pool and complain that it has water in it and you have to swim. Too often we put ourselves in situations that are not meant for us and then complain about the situations not being right for us.