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There is a whole lot of opinions flying around about COVID-19.  This seems to be part of what makes America great and also what makes it extremely difficult at times.  Frankly, I don’t know what my opinion is about COVID-19 as a virus and what effects it will have since I have exactly four semester-long courses worth of education in epidemiology (nowhere near enough to have an educated opinion).

This may seem to be at least a portion of what is going on:


“Truth is what you see. Opinions are what you hear. Facts are what you know. Reality is what you experience.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Based on this quote I am going to go with what I am experiencing which is our country and our world in turmoil.  People are living in fear, learning new ways to live, and the economy has seen better days.  Going about life, as usual, doesn’t work under the circumstances no matter how much a person wants to argue this or that about COVID-19.  We are experiencing an impact no matter the cause and we must do real things in real-time no matter the cause of the disturbance.  The fact is, is that there is a disturbance.

Standing at the edge of the cliff facing a stampeding herd of buffalo yelling at them that there is no one chasing them will not get them to stop it will simply get you killed.

I urge you to deal with reality, listen to the people who know more than you do, and when it comes to opinions from others…well I think you know where to tell people to shove those 😉

Even if the people who say COVID-19 isn’t that big of a deal isn’t this good practice for when we do have something like the plague strike?  Do we not need a few rounds of practice that are not as dangerous before we get to the big game?  I don’t know about you, but I find myself saying “this is all new for me” often lately.

Start looking at this entire situation as a dress rehearsal and then if it ends up not being “that big of a deal” then we all benefit from a practice run and will be that much more prepared for the next strike.