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Ah, wealth…what is there to say…we all want it…and very few of us if any THINK we have enough of it.

There are many types of wealth, and for today’s list, I am strictly speaking of the financial variety.

Zig Ziglar, “money is not everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”  

More money gives you more choices, more flexibility, and opens more doors.    

The adage there are many different ways to skin a cat rings true for generating wealth…

BUT there are a few standard practices that will all but ensure you achieve wealth barring catastrophic failures of society or..ahem…pandemics.  

Let’s get to it, shall we…

– Create and deliver more value than you consume

– Set your finances on autopilot (“I Will Teach You To Be Rich“)

– Learn and develop NEW skills that provide value and people will pay for (just in case your current skillset goes out of style…horse-drawn carriages, vinyl records, etc.)

– Be the BEST at what you do OR create an industry of one where you are the only one that can do what you do the way you do it

– Develop a mindset of abundance and gratitude

– Save more than you spend…DUH!  (Yet, very few do)

– Train yourself to get more pleasure from saving than spending

– Pay attention to your finances.  Check them daily.  Review them weekly.  Budget them no less than monthly.  You must be purposeful about where your money goes, or it will fall right through your pockets into somebody else’s without you realizing it.  

– Learn how to invest and start investing NOW.  When?  NOW!  You could invest in yourself, in real estate, in stocks, or something else.  Just figure out a way to invest a dollar and make at least $1.01.  

To your wealth!