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What do health, money, fitness, and food all have in common?

Any guesses?

We generally don’t pay much attention to them until we don’t have them.

Today, let’s look at a list and a way of staying on top of the said list for maintaining our health.

First, what is health?

Health is the lack of disease.

What is optimal health?

Optimal health is being vibrant, energetic, and full of life with a lack of disease.

Let’s go for optimal health, because why the heck not?!

List for Optimal Health (Check these off daily)

– Did I get 8 hours of sleep?

– Did I eat ONLY whole foods today (no processed foods or sugar)

– Did I laugh?

– Did I strengthen and build community and relationships?

– Did I grow, improve, and learn?  Am I 1% better today than yesterday?

– Did I exercise?

– Did I feel purposefully feel grateful today?  Extra Credit:  Did I gratitude journal today?

– Did I make progress on my highest priorities today?

– Did I help somebody or something else today?

– Water, did I drink it and did I drink enough of it?

The above list is a good start, and I am sure you have more you can think of.  Use my list as a launching point.  

Pick one of them and start there or choose your own, but get started.  

When you track things, you are more likely to do them and do them consistently, WHICH IS THE KEY.  

Create a massive wave of momentum with consistency over time, and you will be darn near unstoppable.  

Here is a Habit Tracking Scorecard Template for you to use (make your editable copy: File -> Make a Copy).

Optimal health is just a daily checklist away.