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Photo by Allie on Unsplash

Tensions are high.  Mood swings are rampant.  People are lost.  In times like these (let’s be honest, all of the time) motivation and keeping a chipper attitude can be tough to sustain.  We read a news article about something terrible and we are immediately angry, sad, scared, etc.  Next minute, we see a baby puppy and we turn into a puddle of love.  Then, somebody cuts us off in traffic and we are a raging madperson.  

You must understand that motivation and emotions are like the weather in Idaho, they can and do change any moment with as little as a light breeze or as much as a torrential downpour.  The thing is the earth below always takes what the weather gives it and uses it as best it can.  

We can use this same principle.  If you are angry, great turn that anger energy into motivation and more importantly action.  Imagine how much you could accomplish if you forced that steam coming out of your ears into a locomotive engine of progress.

When you are scared and anxious, PERFECT, focus that energy on movement, expression, and progress.  Imagine, if you took all of that anxious energy, and instead of using it to tense every muscle in your body, you used it to express every muscle and idea in your body and mind.

You are sad, no problem, cry yourself a river of compassion and lend a helping hand to those hurting with you or because of you.  Imagine how strong your sadness could be when turned into a raging flowing river of action.

Many things do not appear like gifts on the service, but ultimately are just what we need just when we need them.  Yet, we still must utilize them properly to reap the full rewards.  We must unwrap and put into use these gifts.   

Use everything that is given to you as fuel to achieve your goals.  In the end, it is all energy with different names and you have the power to shape and mold that energy into whatever masterpiece you would like.  

Get out there Michelangelo I can’t wait to see the masterpiece you create with the current inspirations.