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You don’t need to be and will never be perfect.

You will have the best intentions to…

  • Workout for an hour every day and then something comes up or you’re too tired.
  • Get to bed at 9:00 every night and then a dinner party lasts too long.
Or any number of other habits.

Life is messy that’s just part of the deal.

So, in a life that is so messy how do you create habits and create order?

Well, first you understand that you will never be perfect and as per yesterday’s message, better is better than the alternative.

Second, never miss twice.  Make it a way of doing business that you never miss hitting your daily habits twice in a row.

Third, be okay with doing something smaller than what you originally planned to do.

Instead of working out for an hour on a day when you are drained simply hit a 5-minute stretch session.

Be flexible within the confines of your habits.

This flexibility and grace mindset will allow you to build habits faster and achieve more than an all-or-nothing mindset.

Brett “Flexibly Confined” Denton