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We are faced with and make hundreds of decisions per day.

What’s for dinner?

Do I workout or go home?

Do I buy a latte?

There’s an endless onslaught of choices to make.

The better you have defined your identity the less you will have to think about the answers because your identity defines the answers for you.

Thus, instead of allowing accident or urge to identify your identity you do it.

Become very clear on who you are and who you are not.

As an example here are a few choices I never have to make because my identity in these areas is clear.

– I do not drink soda.
– I exercise every day.
– I look for a better option.

This last one is a life-enhancing habit.

We often find ourselves in an unideal situation, but we can optimize that situation by choosing the better option.

You are at a restaurant and there are no perfect choices for your identified way of eating do you…

A.  Think, what the hey, I might as well go for it and you order all the things that make your mouth water and oh yeah dessert too!

B.  Think, what is the best option available and order that.

Most people do option A you can choose to do option B.

The same goes for exercise.  Let’s say you can’t make it to the gym today for your favorite class, do you…

A.  Skip your workout today.

B.  Hop on a bike or go for a run when you get home.

Look for the better option.

The habit is “looking for” not “choosing.”

You still have the choice to make, but a better choice is not an option if you don’t look.

Get in the habit of using “The Pause” to look for the “better option.”  Then you can make a choice.

This dovetails nicely into the life-enhancing habit I will cover tomorrow.

Until then, start looking for better options.

Brett “What’s Better” Denton