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Before you begin reading close your eyes and take three long deep breaths.


Don’t you feel better about life?

This is called “The Pause” and it is a habit that will not only help you feel better in the moment but will help you make better choices, spend less money, stay in the moment, reduce and eliminate urges, and help you lose weight.

Urges are nothing more than an impulse or thought broadcast from our reptilian brain.

We are more likely to act on these urges when we are feeling stressed, scared, rushed, and overwhelmed.

When we create inner peace or inner calm we do not act on the urges as often.

This is where the habit of the “The Pause” comes in handy.

Before you buy that next sugar-coffee-calorie-bomb that is slowly costing you your retirement and children’s education do the following.

1.  Park your car.  (Don’t go throug the drive-thru yet.)

2.  Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

3.  Transfer that $5 to your savings/retirement account using your handy-dandy phone banking app.

4.  Now choose if that $5 is better spent in your savings/retirement account or if you should take it back out to spend on the sugar coffee.

This little practice can be modified for just about anything.

You are about to blow a gasket because your child is not doing what you asked them to do…

1.  Pause, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

2.  Now, determine the optimal way to deal with the situation which is usually not what you were originally going to do.

As you go through your day practice the pause and see how much calmer you feel.

This inner calm leads to better choices being made and fewer urges being satisfied which ultimately leads to a better life being lived.

Brett “Just Breathe” Denton