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Landmark Worldwide (a personal development company that I am a proponent of) asks you to consider that language is what brings our world into being.
Language is what allows us to communicate and articulate our world. It allows us to live in a way not possible in its absence.

I am acutely aware of the words and language I use when talking about myself, Kvell, my family, and Kvellians. I want my words to empower and bring strength. I want to create a strong and empowering world just as much with my words as I do with my physical being. Words have enormous power.

I am in the process of creating a word cloud for Kvell which made me think of you. Have you ever written down the words that represent you or that you want to live into?

I used to carry around a laminated “business” card with the top five words I want to live(I lost it and have not created a new one yet). I read it at least once a day and often more. This helped me live those words in circumstances that I may otherwise have done the opposite. Those words helped me become and be the person I wanted to become and be. This card had my words on one side and my mission on the other. It was powerful.

What are your five words?

Brett “Let’s Have Words” Denton