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I don’t think leadership and being a leader is what most people think it is, but of course, that is relative to each individual, group, and community.  Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  For most of my life I wanted to be a leader and in many areas of life still do and yet there are many areas where I REALLY don’t.  

It is often the times when we least want to lead or be the leader that our leadership is most in demand.  Leadership is never easy, but it is far more difficult when the ship is sinking and few people want to take charge of a sinking ship.  Yet, somebody needs to or all will be lost.  

Leadership doesn’t require you to be in command or have a specific title.  First, you must learn to lead and be in command of yourself in all situations.  Again, never easy, but far more challenging when things are not going as planned.  Or as Mike Tyson has said, 

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

It is the person or persons that can continue to execute that plan or evolve and adapt it as the hits keep coming that leads and ultimate wins.  

Everybody is both a leader and a follower.  The roles change moment to moment and situation to situation.  Yet we are ALL leaders of ourselves and no matter if we are leading or following others we MUST maintain leadership and command of our own actions.  

Which means you are the supreme leader of yourself.   We have a dearth of leadership at the moment are you ready to take the reigns?  If not, what ARE you willing to do?  

Start your leadership journey from square one…YOU.