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Everybody, including myself, wants to fix things overnight.

We want to find the nutrition and exercise program that will turn us into a cover model in the next month.

We want to win the lottery and be an instant millionaire (because of course, this will fix all of our issues, ha!).

We want to learn the business trick to make our business the next Amazon.  

I’ve worked with thousands of people in some form of coaching relationship be it nutrition, business, or performance.

A common denominator and one of the largest impediments to progress is wanting a quick fix without first knowing where one stands.

Let me give you an example:

Demetrius has been eating nothing but fast food and doesn’t know how to cook.  

If Demetrius goes on a whole food vegan diet he is almost guaranteed to fail unless he has a SIGNIFICANT reason to stick with this plan and I mean like life and death significant.  

It’s far too large of a change to handle long term. 

However, this is what people attempt to do time after time.  Thus yoyo diets, weight gain, and fitness levels.

It’s akin to jumping into an NFL football game when the only football you have ever played was flag football in gym class. 

If you don’t first assess where you currently stand with your habits, actions, and behaviors as they relate to your ultimate goals then nearly every plan you try is going to fail.

You have to start where you stand.  

This may seem like common sense and yet very few do this because very few take the time to fully understand where they stand.

With my private coaching clients, I spend at least seven days just watching how they eat, sleep, and run their life.

This gives me a solid understanding of their habits, actions, and behaviors.

It’s ONLY once I have this in place that I can start to make a meaningful plan for them and their needs. 

Do you know exactly where you stand?

Brett “Know Where You Stand” Denton