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Often in training sessions, people use variations of the word kill.

“Thanks for killing me today.”

“Oh man, that workout killed me.”

“I killed it!”

Yesterday, this happened…

Kvellian,” Thanks again for killing me today.”

Me, ” You’re welcome, however, our goal is never to kill you but to make you better.”

Kvellian, “Little by little I’m killing off who I have become and giving birth to a new me.”  

Me, “…Whoa, that’s a great way to think about it.”

The definition of killing is an act of causing death, especially deliberately.  

Some habits need to be killed off and new healthier ones need to be birthed to replace them. 

Some negative mental patterns need to be killed to make room and be replaced by more fruitful thought patterns.  

Synaptic pruning is the physical act of the brain eliminating (killing) neurons and synaptic patterns to increase the efficiency of neuronal transmissions.  

This way of looking at things may not work for everybody, but it is another way to think about the change and growth process. 

If you’re a black and white type of person this may be right up your alley.  

Brett “Killing It” Denton