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Can you name one thing you do 100% on your own?

Brush your teeth you may say.

Well, do you make the toothbrush?

Does the company that sells the toothbrush actually make the toothbrush?

Does the company that makes the toothbrush make its component parts?

Does the company that makes the component parts manufacture and mine the materials?

Likely the answer to all of the above is no.

We do nothing completely on our own and that brings me to the freedom and way of life that we are privileged to have in the United States.

Thousands have contributed to that which we are privileged to experience.

We have a way of life that the majority of the world admires even when they mock or make fun of us.

Forget about politics, economics, and petty squabbles at least for today and appreciate that which we have if for no other reason than to show appreciation for those that risked their lives to fight for it.

Veterans, we salute you.

Brett “Forever Grateful to Our Vets” Denton