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My son, Drake, mentioned how the Avengers are a team and the bad guys are not.  Very perceptive.  The Avengers is a story about a motley crew of individuals coming together to achieve more as a team than they could as individuals.  On the flip side, the bad guys are backstabbing and always attempting to get the upper hand on the other members of their “team”.

In life do you behave more like a bad guy or good guy?  Do you work to be your best while also helping others to be their best?  Or do you work to be seen as the best or accomplish the most in spite of or at the detriment of others?

There are many people who get ahead by using the “bad guy” method to be sure, but they are rarely happy, don’t achieve as much as the people on the good guide path, and once they reach the top don’t have anybody to celebrate with.  There are many ways to accomplish things, but I think HOW one accomplishes them is more important than accomplishing them in many cases.

I am of the belief that there is an I in team.  For without the Is there is no team.  Further, without the Is taking responsibility for their part and the end result the team will get nowhere fast.  You must have strong competent Is in the correct roles who own their part of the job and who take full responsibility for the success of the goal.

This type of team is challenging to assemble and well worth the effort.  When you assemble such a team you are all but guaranteed great success.

Or you can just be like Thanos and have everybody, including your children, hate you.  Your choice 🙂