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I have been sporadic lately with, well, just about everything including getting my daily email written let alone getting it out consistently at the same time every day.  My world, and likely yours, has been thrown for a loop.  (For me and my business it feels a little more like a car crash with casualties…semantics)  

We all need some level of habit, routine, rhythm, and consistency in our life even if your version of that is being inconsistent.  If we don’t have this in our lives we tend to feel lost, like we are “treading water”, “keeping our head above water”, not making progress, frustration, anger, anxiety, exhaustion, etc.  Consistency is key to being alive.  The rising and the setting of the sun proves this to be the case by setting our circadian rhythm.  

When you get out of rhythm, which is so easy to do, it can be challenging to get back into rhythm.  For whatever reason, there seems to be an inverse relationship between how much long term benefit a thing will give and how hard it is to start and maintain the practice of it.  Working out, for example, is one of a few know and incontestible ways to improve everything about your life while also being a fountain of youth yet it can be extremely hard to start back up.  Eating well, saving money, going to work also fit neatly into this category.

Yet, we must get back into a healthy rhythm, and the sooner we do it the better and easier it will be.  The longer we wait the less likely it is ever going to happen and the more difficult it will be when we do start.  There is no time like NOW to start.

Habits are only habits until you stop doing them.  They will return as soon as you start doing them.  Don’t make them more complicated and mystical than they are.  

Get back into your flow.  Get your workouts in.  Get back to work.  Put more money in the bank account.  Whatever your rhythm was or whatever you want your rhythm and flow to be get started today.