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When I interview people I often ask…

“If you were an actor what movie would you be in, what character would you play, and why?”

My movie is Braveheart.

I would play William Wallace.

Why, because I fight for the people’s…


This is in fact what I do every day (sans the blue face paint, Kilt, long flowing hair, and killing).   

I fight for people’s freedom from poor health and disease.

I fight for people to not be defined by physical limitation and lack.

I fight for people to break free from harmful and negative mental processes and patterns.

I fight for people to create financial freedom.

I fight for people to live life by their terms.

In the USA there’s a sinister thought that we’re already free.

Although it’s true we have it far better than many countries we still must fight for our freedom.

We must fight to keep the government honest.

We must fight repression and oppression, if not for us than for others.  

We must fight for our health.

We must fight for our wealth.

We must fight for Earth and our environment. 

We must fight for our values.  

We must continue to fight or we will lose the freedom we hold so dear.

Our loss of freedom may not come in the form of a dictator or communism, but lack of freedom it will be nevertheless.

On this day of independence, I encourage you to appreciate what we have, those who fought for it, those who continue to fight for it and urge you to…

… continue to fight for freedom.