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When was the last time you did something completely, 100% on your own? 

I’ll help you out…

All the way back to our parents conceiving and birthing us, we do nothing 100% on our own. 

So, why fight it?  Why don’t you 
lean into it?

Many of us don’t ask for help because we are too stubborn and think we can do everything on our own (pointing squarely at myself).

Yet, others don’t ask because they are afraid to or they don’t know who to ask or what to ask.

But asking and seeking is how we find the path and the answers.

Start by using an accountability partner.  

I have an extensive list of people that I email Monday through Friday, you are on the list THANK YOU, and when I don’t email I get emails if everything is alright or where is today’s email?  

Accountability, BABY!

My wife even asks me, “did you write an email today?” when I miss in a passive-aggressive-loving-sweet voice. 🙂  

Somebody holding you accountable is probably the single most effective tool you can use to accomplish more faster.

No matter how disciplined a person is, being accountable to somebody or something else will at least double their results.