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A common statement amongst people who wait until later in life to get in shape is…

“I wish I would have started earlier.”

My wife said this to me the other day in relation to something with our boys.

We all have things we wish we would have started earlier and it is hard to know what those things are until we are reaping the rewards of them.

With that said there are things that you can be fairly certain you should have started earlier and if you have yet to start them NOW is a good time.

Things I wish I would have started earlier:

– Saving money
– Eating healthy
– Taking care of my body
– Being nice to people
– Starting a business
– Finding mentors
– Reading and purposeful study
– Writing
– Having fun
– Meditating
– Tracking my finances
– Teaching

This is a small sampling of the things I wish I would have started sooner.

As life currently works none of us are getting younger and thus now is the time to start anything that we may find ourselves saying…

“I wish I would have started earlier.”

What are you not currently doing or not doing consistently that you know you should start doing?

How about you start doing that thing now?

Brett “Do It Earlier by Starting Now” Denton