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Lachlan: “I don’t want to go to sleep, it’s USEFUL!

Me: “That pretty well sums up the human condition.”

We don’t want to work out, eat right, save money, etc. because why?

Because it’s useful!

For some reason, we have an inherent need to rebel against the “system” even when and often because it is dangerous and not good for us.

I’m going to eat this burger and fries with a milkshake as a big up-yours to the establishment of health and wellbeing, oh yeah and it tastes better than the salad and grilled salmon.

This makes no sense in the practical world and yet makes a lot of sense in the emotional I-am-in-control-of-my-life world.

Newsflash, when you make the poor decision you are NOT in control.

Your drive to be different, your need to stand out, your need to buck the system, your want to rebel, and pleasure are in control.

You are not.

You are in control when…

You do the things that need to be done no matter the circumstance.

You don’t care about bucking the system you care about getting results.

You push past pleasure and seek fulfillment and meaning.

My son Lachlan is four years old and thus has a few years to figure this out.

How are you doing in this department?

Brett “Are You In Control” Denton