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My wife would tell you that I think I know all the answers when in reality I know I know very few answers (shhh don’t tell her).

It may look like I think I know the answers because of how I have trained myself to think about and work through things.

When faced with something you don’t know you can philosophize or act.

Sometimes philosophizing is the best option however I’ve found that action typically leads to faster feedback and thus faster results.

Philosophizing about how to do something does not get the thing done nor does it give any real-world feedback, thus you are left with no concrete answers.

“What is the best diet for me?”

I don’t know, start trying various foods and adjust based on how they make you feel and look.

“How do I save my marriage?”

I don’t know, try doing things that you think will save your marriage and measure the result.

Action leads to feedback which then can lead to more action and more feedback in a continuing upward spiral of tweaking and improvement.

Action is the key that will unlock the door to your potential.

Most people have lost this key.

I have found it for you…here you go…

Unlock that door baby!

Brett “Action-Oriented” Denton