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Humans are a bit of an oxymoron. We can be so resilient and yet so fragile. We can accomplish anything and yet are capable of accomplishing nothing at all. I was reminded of this in a beautiful and deeply illuminating podcast about a woman who was affected by CMV while pregnant.

My wife had been listening to the podcast in our car and so when I jumped in this morning the first words to welcome me to my commute halfway through the podcast were:

“…The doctor said I am f#$%^ing scared and you should be too.”

Hello and good morning, you have my attention. The couple in the interview go from having a normal “ho-hum” life to overnight being faced with the mortality of the pregnant mother/wife and unborn child.

We often forget what we have until we no longer have it. We don’t think about food until we are hungry. We don’t pay much attention to money until we are broke. Success often makes us weak and complacent. We don’t understand how important our pinky toe or pinky finger is until we have injured them. We feel the deepest love when it is lost.

Now, we are resilient and are able to come back with a vengeance from devastation and this is great to have in our back pockets. But, let’s keep it in our back pocket until we really need it and do everything we can to prevent ourselves from having to use it.

Treasure, protect, and appreciate the things you already have: love, wealth, friendship, health, food, shelter, etc. This doesn’t take much. Love unconditionally. Set up a wealth protection plan. Be conscious and appreciative of your friends. Exercise and eat healthy foods. Give thanks for what you have.

I appreciate you for reading and spreading my message(s) to the world through your actions.

Brett “Fragsilient” Denton