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The CEO and Co-Founder of Shopify when asked if being CEO was hard he said…

“Well, yes.  When I tell a computer what to do, it does it forever.  Humans don’t work that way.”

Aside from being a good lesson on management and leading it is a good lesson for personal growth.

Humans are fickle and unlike computers typically have to feel like doing something to do it.

What if we were more computer-like when it came to getting things done?

– We would likely get more done as a general rule.
– We would complain less because it would simply be in our programming to do the thing.

Take it a step further with machine learning and we would really be getting somewhere.

We are ultimate machine learners, far better than a computer IF and WHEN we are purposeful about it.

We can learn fast and tweak fast.

Marry your ability to learn and tweak fast with the steadfastness of a computer and you will become a perpetual progressing human.

Brett “Rebooting” Denton