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Motivation can often seem like a mythical magical creation.

It comes and goes with the shifting of the winds.

At least half of the people that come to Kvell for the first time are looking for motivation (the people who don’t come in have given up hope).  

The thing about motivation is it comes from within.

Yes, you can find some things to hold you accountable outside of yourself, but that isn’t the true essence behind “real” motivation.

The way to get motivated is to get into action and WIN.

Small wins build momentum.

When you’re winning big or small you’re pulled forward (that pull is motivation).  

What often happens is people bite off more than they can chew. 

They try to go from 0 to 1000 miles per hour in 1 second.

They attempt to do something that is nearly guaranteed to fail.

When you fail to win you lose motivation.

So…don’t WAIT for motivation to get started, get started to create motivation.  

Start with guaranteed wins.

Start small, build momentum, and then win big!

Brett “Actions Begets Motivation” Denton