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My boys are young, six and four.

They have a lot to learn and many skills to acquire.

The rate at which they learn astounds me.

Nevertheless, they get frustrated when they can’t do something.(sound familiar?)

They want to give up and do something that they already know how to do. (sound familiar?)

They will sometimes pout, quit, throw things or get mom and dad to do it for them. (sound familiar?)

My wife and I are working to instill the mentality of…

I can do anything…

I can always improve.

So when they’re struggling or when they see somebody who is better than them we ask…

“How do you get better at anything?”

They reply, “practice.”

Recently, I got hit with the meditation bug again.

I have been hot and cold with my meditation practice over the years.

The thing about meditation practice is that it is a PRACTICE!

Nobody is perfect at it and yet it still has a significant impact.

I started meditating again in earnest last night and boy let me tell ya…

…I had to ask myself MANY times “how do you get better at anything?”

I know with consistent practice I will become better and eventually proficient.

Look, we may never achieve “pro” level but that doesn’t mean we can’t get better and reach a level that’s enjoyable and provides significant benefit to our lives.

Whether it be exercise, nutrition, meditation, or cornhole…

How do you get better at anything?

Brett “Practice” Denton