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You’ve likely never heard the name Bill Campbell.

But you likely know some of the people he has coached.

Does Steve Jobs, the Co-founder of Apple ring any bells?

Maybe you know Google or Facebook…yeah, Bill coached many of the executives.  

Bill was THE coach to the tech titans of Silicon Valley.

The kicker…

He didn’t charge for his coaching.

So many people are lost searching for a coach or wondering how they could pay for one and any number of other things that prevent the power of coaching to be unleashed.  

In my experience, I have found that when the student is ready the coach will appear.  

And when the coach appears the student finds the means to make it work.  

None of the tech titans had Bill Campbell as their coach from the start, they earned the right to have him coach them.

Here is how you the student gets ready…

1.  Do everything you can to improve.  Use my favorite four-letter word… WORK.  Coaches want to work with people that will put into practice that which they suggest.  

2.  Seek out the best in the field you want to improve.  Read their books, go to their workshops and seminars, participate in their offerings.  

Be a great student first.  This attracts great coaches.  

3.  Get to know them, what they like, how they work, and everything they teach.  

4.  Offer to help them.  Apprentice for them for free.  Find a way to help them.    

Word to the wise…

The coaching relationship must be a professional relationship.

Your spouse, best friend, or parent cannot be an effective coach.

These people are your support structure and play an invaluable role, but they are NOT coach material.

Emotions and baggage cannot be part of a coaching relationship if it is to work optimally.  

Now, get out there and find yourself a coach!

Brett “Coach” Denton