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Our thoughts create our emotions.

Our emotions create our motion and actions.

Thus, we must master our thoughts to master our actions.

You have likely heard of affirmations.

Science is telling us that affirmations, when done incorrectly, do more harm than good.

Specifically, if the affirmation is so far out of reach that you can’t bring yourself to entertain it as true it will demotivate you.

The thought can be true if only you were to believe it as truth wherein lies the challenge and the solution.

You have the power to believe anything as truth.

You need to bridge the gap between where your current beliefs are and where you want them to be.

Creating beliefs and changing thoughts is nothing more than creating a habit.

Thus, you must start with a thought that is believable and work your way up to your goal thought.

You must upgrade your operating system with micro-updates over time.

Example with current thought pattern being…

“I need more education, money, skill, etc. to accomplish my goals.”

Step 1: Create a goal thought.

“I have everything I need to make my dreams come true.”

Step 2: Create bridge thoughts to take you from where you are to your goal thought.

“It’s possible that I have everything I need to make my dreams come true.”

“I think I have everything I need to make my dreams come true.”

Step 3: Use your bridge thoughts to go from where you are to your goal thought when confronted with your current thought pattern.

Changing your thinking is a process of changing your mental habits and making new synaptic connections in your brain just like making and breaking any other habit.

A challenging part of changing your thoughts is that you cannot see or track them in the physical sense like you can changing your eating and exercise habits.

Nevertheless, without changing your thought habits and patterns your behavioral changes will not stick.

Thus, you must change your thoughts if you want to change your actions over the long run.

You must literally rewire your brain.

You must believe yourself to be wealthy, fit, and healthy to actually be wealthy, fit, and healthy.

Brett “Brain Work” Denton