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How often does your day get away from you? 

You plan out every minute of the day and yet… 

Your to-d0 list lengthens instead of shortens… 

You feel like you are always behind. 

Although, there are many moving parts to the solution here is the first one to start with. 

It is so simple and yet very few people do it. 

1.  Wake up at the same time EVERY (did he say EVERY…yes, EVERY) morning. 

2.  Do 15 minutes of non-urgent important work. 

We are often stuck in the hamster wheel of the urgent…

Urgent non-important tasks (checking the latest COVID numbers)…

And urgent important (finishing a work project due today that we haven’t started yet). 

If you spend just 15 minutes every day working on the non-urgent important tasks you will… 

– ​Ensure every day is productive and progressive no matter what happens the rest of the day. 

– ​​Start to get ahead. 

– Create space in your mind and work. 

– Reduce perceived and actual stress. 

​​​​​​​​An added benefit of getting up at the same time every day is a boost in energy and productivity. 

Try it for 30 days and let me know how it goes. ​