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Many people are on an endless path of more.  More weight loss, more money, more time off, just simply more.  When asked how much they really need they typically give some sort of mumble and ultimately don’t know.  Most people never figure out what is enough and thus are never satisfied.  This can be an uncomfortable place to be and ultimately lead to an unfulfilling existence (I know all too well and have mumbled many times when asked this question). 

Questions to ask yourself and have firm answers to that clarify your vision and your actions are…

– How much do I need to earn to do the things I want to do and pay all my bills?

– How much am I willing to work and invest to achieve my income goals?

– What do I need to do to make my income goal with the amount of time I am willing to work?​​​​

– How much do I want to weigh? (Any physical goal)

– How much do I want to work and play?

– How much time and money do I want to spend on hobbies?

– How much time do I want to spend with my family?

– How much is enough?​​

Then you will need to make them all fit together like a puzzle.  To make this easier I recommend ranking them.  Once they are ranked you will start by scheduling the most important to the least important.  Some things may not make your schedule and will have to be added at a later date.  ​​​​It’s better to come to grips with that sooner so that you can mentally declutter and get to work.  

So I ask you, how much?​​