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Personal Trainer Kvell March 2021 4579On average, the personal trainer cost per hour can be between $40 and $70 in a lot of places. Your personal training costs will depend on what type of training you get, and what your location is, among other factors. If you did decide to get some personal training for yourself, the price you pay will depend on how many sessions that you choose to participate in, as well as what type of program you end up choosing. For example, if you book a personal trainer at $50 per session, and you use your personal trainer twice a week, then your 12 week personal training program cost would be $1200. This is only an example, of course.

By researching different 12 week training program price ranges that are available to you, you can better determine which personal training programs are really going to give you the value that you are looking for. A quality training program will take your fitness goals and health history into consideration in order to be more effective at getting you the results that you are seeking.


Workout Plan Prices; 8 Week Workout Plan Price

There are various workout plan prices available in Boise. Let’s say that the average cost of a personalized physical fitness program is $60 per hour. Let’s further assume that you want to book 2 one hour sessions with your personal trainer. In this example, a 4 week workout plan price would be $480. Also in this example, a 6 week workout plan price would be $720. And finally, for the sake of this example, an 8 week workout plan price would be $960.

Personal Trainer Kvell March 2021 4448 So, how much does personal training cost? Ultimately, it depends on a variety of factors. These factors include what type of training program you want to use, where you are located, and what types of personal trainers are available.

Another factor to consider for yourself is what online fitness coaching packages are available. For some people, getting coaching online may be a better fit. In general, however, having a physical physical trainer to help keep you on track with your health and fitness goals is key when it comes to your health and fitness success. Showing to the sessions can be the biggest hurdle for many people who get personal training. Once you have committed to meeting with your personal trainer at a specific time and at a specific place, it becomes much more likely that you will follow through and show up to do your workout.

Check out what programs we are currently running at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition in order to determine if what we have going on is a match for your health and fitness goals. Remember that showing up and getting the workout done is much easier if you have a personal trainer to both hold you accountable and also to show you exactly what to do for your workout. Keep on Kvelling!