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I just saw the Rocketman trailer about Elton John’s journey.

It appears that a turning point in the movie is when Elton John, then Reginald Kenneth Dwight, asks…

“So how does a fat boy from nowhere get to be a soulman?”

The tough love answer was…

“You’ve got to kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be.”

The next clips detail the death of Reginald and the birth of Elton John.

Transformation and transcendence are a path of death and birth.

We kill our old ways of being and replace them with new ways of being.

We get into trouble during this process when we neglect to replace that which we’re trying to kill. 

If you open a hole the hole needs to be filled.

If you don’t fill the whole the old way of being and doing will find a way back in.

You must be purposeful in that which you’re filling the void with as often the vacuum created by the void will suck.  

An example of this is a person who removes cigarettes from their life only to fill the void with overconsumption of food.  

If you remove something from your life you must be purposeful in filling the void it leaves with something that moves you towards the life you desire.

Out with the old you and in with the new you.

Brett “Fill the Void” Denton