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Every interaction you have with another human is an opportunity.

You have the opportunity and the power to make the world a better place one interaction at a time.

The way you treat a server will affect the mood of the server the rest of their shift and thus have an impact on everybody they serve.

Those people will then interact with even more people further spreading your impact.

Every interaction has the potential to spread joy or anger…
happiness or hate…
hope or dishearten…
inspiration or discouragement.

Imagine if everybody sparked joy in all of their interactions?

Maybe that’s too much to ask…

Imagine what your world would be like if YOU sparked joy, happiness, hope, and inspiration at every opportunity?

What would your life be like if you relentlessly made everybody you interacted with a happier, inspired, and more powerful person?

Most of the time people are going to show up for you the way you expect them, and thus treat them, to show up for you.  

If you treat your enemy like they’re your best friend they will act in a way more similar to how a best friend acts.  

When you treat people with respect they tend to act in a way that garners respect.

When you treat people as capable they tend to be capable.  

When you are friendly and congenial people tend to be friendly and congenial back.  

When you see and treat people for the person they can become instead of the physical manifestation of who they currently are over time they will morph into the better version.

At minimum, they will be the better version around you.


Because in your world that is how you see them.

That is who you believe them to be. 

How you see people and how you treat people has a large impact on the world, on how they show up for you in your life, and who they ultimately will be. 

How do you see the people in your life?

Are you carrying the torch of joy, happiness, hope, and inspiration?

Brett “Torch Bearer (most of the time, nobody’s perfect)” Denton