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There are 41 days left in 2019.

34 days until Christmas.

7 days until Thanksgiving.

The holidays are here and productivity typically slows to a snail’s pace this time of year.

We are busier than ever and yet typically make less progress towards our goals as the increased busyness is due to spending more time with family, holiday festivities, and the like.

I am not going to be a scrooge.  Time with family and enjoying the holidays are a wonderful thing.

But what good is time with your family and enjoying the holidays if you are stressed the entire time?

So instead of stressing this year why not figure out how you can make progress and still enjoy the holiday season?

Some things to think about to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Every night or every morning write down one thing you MUST do that day to make progress on your single most important goal.
  • Use Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years as deadlines for short productivity sprints.
  • Dial back your scope and focus on a few strategic objectives.
Make every day count, even if just a tiny bit, towards the achievement of your prime objectives.

Brett “Where did the year go” Denton