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Over the weekend a person told me the type of fitness training they’re doing is the “hardest thing I have ever done.”

That’s fine, but is it getting them the result they want?

In my experience, the answer is frequently no.

They say, but I love it…it’s so fun…I’m addicted.

Cool, but is it getting you the result you want?


Okay, how about you figure out a way to get the result you want AND continue to do this thing you love?

I’m all for people doing fitness activities that they enjoy, but they must be careful not to confuse this with fitness activities that produce results.

Sometimes they are one and the same and often they are not.

Golf is fun, but not likely to produce significant fitness results.

There are a great many people exercising who are not getting the results they want…thus, something is amiss. 

Let’s dissect this idea of “hard” exercise. 

Often people confuse hard with good.  

People think because something is hard it must be the right thing to do.

Let’s look at the definition of hard to see if there is a hint of it meaning good or producing a desired result…

Nope, no mention of anything remotely related to “good” or “results producing.”

I have a novel suggestion…

Instead of seeking out exercise that is “hard” or makes you “drip sweat” or makes you sore why don’t you seek exercise that produces the results you desire?

Sure some of those things may come along with the proper type of exercise, but your goal is not likely to sweat the most or be so sore you can’t walk straight.

Your goals are more likely to look good naked, lose weight, or be fit enough to do the activities you enjoy.

Don’t let what you think a workout should be get in the way of what a workout actually should be, which is to produce the desired result.

Results don’t care if something is hard, makes you sweat, or creates soreness that gives you a new appreciation for the handicap bars by the toilet.

Results only care about things being done in a way that directly leads to the achievement of them.

Brett “Results Don’t Care” Denton