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Everybody wants a magic pill for health, wealth, and happiness.

This is why the pharmaceutical industry is a trillion-dollar industry.

Pharmaceuticals provide a solution, but is their solution the best solution?

In some circumstances, pharmaceuticals likely are the best solution however there’s a vast number of circumstances where they are not.

The hardest pill to swallow is not a pill at all.

If our cultural norm was to focus on prevention instead of treatment we likely would all but wipe out the leading causes of death and disease.

We would no longer suffer from type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Cancer rates would drop dramatically.

Quality of life would increase exponentially.

The financial burden of medical treatment would be at least cut in half.

Why then is this not happening?

I don’t know, but I do know some things we can do to do our part.

1.  Do not support companies furthering the problem.  This runs the gamut from purveyors of food to makers of single-use plastics.

2.  Speak up and speak out whenever you get the chance for positive health and environmental initiatives.

3.  Help the people in your community live healthier more conscientious lives.

4.  Be like Gandhi… Be the change you want to see.

5.  Support companies that are making the effort to improve the health of the world be it through food, fitness, and environmentally responsible products.

6.  Vote for and put people in positions of power that are focused on the greater good.

We are products of our environment.

Think deeply about that and get to work creating an environment that you want to be a product of.

Brett “Hard Pill to Swallow” Denton